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The Application:

Age: nineteen
Emplacement: Grand Rapids, MI
Decided Gender: Something else with girly-parts


Who are your role models? Emma Goldman
What is the most drastic thing you've ever done? Oh. I'm unfortunately much too level-headed to do many drastic things. Maybe that will change, soon.
How many people have seen you naked? In person? I suppose about five.
Pick one of the following words and define it, without using a dictionary: moeurs, kedogenous, zenzizenzizenzic.
What annoys you? apathy. bad drivers. people that I ride the bus with who spend the entire twenty-five minutes talking about their cell phones.
Add a question: What music do you dance in your bedroom to? The World/Inferno Friendship society, Neutral Milk Hotel, Against Me!, Madeline Adams, and female-fronted bluegrass. Usually.

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I don't have a whole lot of photos that show my body hair that aren't nude. So here's just some pictures.

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I also feel like I should add something about my body hair and why I like it. In high school, about three or four years ago, I stopped shaving my leg hair after visiting my cousin, whom I admired, and seeing her in a short skirt with fuzzy legs. It wasn't a huge deal because my leg hair is fairly thin and light, so it's not really obvious. But I loved wearing shorts to school and putting my legs up on my desk, daring people to ask questions. I would get reactions sometimes, and it made me laugh because people were so shocked, but it didn't seem like a big deal to me. I got razor burn. It took a long time in the shower. I just didn't like doing it, so I stopped. Pretty simple. It was the same reason I stopped wearing make-up all the time. High school kids just don't get it very well. If I don't want to do it, I'm entitled not to.
My legs remained fuzzy, and I loved them. I still felt like shaving my armpits was mandatory, even though the razor burn there was even worse, and it hurt, and I hated it even more than shaving my legs. People would always talk about armpit hair like it was a question on hygiene, and I still wanted to be clean.
Then I dated a person who would torment me every day about my leg hair. He'd say "shave your legs" and I'd tell him no. Then when I'd say that it hurt that he kept asking me, and telling me he didn't like it, he'd say he was only joking. But it really wore on me, and I hated not feeling confident with myself. Soon I broke up with him, and in protest I stopped shaving under my arms...and I loved it! I felt right and natural and so much more confident. I was a little weary of wearing tank tops, but I quickly got over it. Now I am with someone who really appreciates it, as well. :) I still get questions and stares, but I just find it sad that something so natural and normal as body hair is so odd and wrong to most people.

Enough rambling. That's all. :)
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