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I Love My Body!

In Its Natural State.

4/28/05 10:03 pm - orgasmaddcit - happy and sad.

my armpit hair is finally at a reasonable length again. trying to discuss female body hair to a regular media absorbed teenage girl is pointless.

4/26/05 09:31 pm - fieldsofjoy

this is a friend of mine . i love this picture.

4/24/05 12:50 pm - orgasmaddcit - some obvious hairy armpit pictures.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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4/21/05 11:08 pm - orgasmaddcit - :(

i shaved my pits. just for the hell of it. i hate them shaved. they feel so scared and naked. i didnt want to lift my arms in class today because i felt unnatural. im sad, i dont get to show off my pit hair for a few weeks.

4/22/05 12:48 am - nakedcelt - Community pimping


Just started up, so it's open to whatever direction you want to take it in.

4/7/05 02:31 am - nakedcelt - Four photos

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X-posted to nudists and my own journal.

4/2/05 10:27 am - orgasmaddcit

Join UnembracedBeing

Where all the really peculiar people go.

4/1/05 04:39 pm - morwok - A hairy game.

Well, I created a little game to encourage a little more interaction with the people on my friends list, but I think the nature of the game has weirded them out a bit. Basically, I took pictures of hair from various parts of my body, and posted them. The game is to determine what part of my body the hair belongs to. I thought it was a funny idea, but interest from my friends list has been sort of lackluster. So I thought I'd post it here and see if anyone felt like giving it a go.

Guessing Game



4/1/05 09:25 am - fieldsofjoy

i just went natural with my legs in october. this doesnt
do justice for the hair. i dont know how long ill keep
my leg hair going strong, my husband still isnt quite
sure about them yet..

3/31/05 07:37 pm - perfumeandpain

The Application:

Age: 21
Emplacement: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Decided Gender: Female dyke


Who are your role models? Leonard Cohen for his writing and Mother Jones for her guts.

What is the most drastic thing you've ever done? got my clitoral hood peirced for my 19th birthday

How many people have seen you naked? ummm I lost count at 15....

Pick one of the following words and define it, without using a dictionary: moeurs, kedogenous, zenzizenzizenzic. [kedogenous - a foot disease] okay it was a guess

What annoys you? people who aren't cool with hairy girls, it's the way I am and I usually don't ask their opinions on it but they have no problem telling me. hairy does not equal dirty GRRR

Add a question that would you like to see in this application: (answer your question yourself, too!)

pet peeve? - ciggarette butt litter!! I hate it more than anything, cig butts on the ground make me want to cry and puke
Show us at least two pictures of the beautiful you, you should include at least one picture of your bodyhair!
heeeere they are!
*EDIT* I added a new pic cause my old ones were too blurry

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