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I Love My Body!

In Its Natural State.

A rating community for people with body hair!
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This is a community for the natural people. The people who are lovely just the way they are. If you busy yourself worrying about if you dont suit up to physical expectations, you dont belong here. If you love your body the way it naturally is, this is the community for you!

"Rating" will be accounted for in how condifent you are with yourself, not necessarily how hairy you are, though we do love body hair!

After becoming a member, we aren't going to get onto your case about it too much, but you must fill out an application. If you totally refuse, we may decide to moderate you out of the community, but we'll talk to you about it first. The point of the application is so that everyone is aquainted with eachother, that's why the crazy questions. We'll be more lenient with you if you just refuse to answer 'age' 'emplacement' and 'gender', but the questions are important.

The Application:

Decided Gender:


Who are your role models?
What is the most drastic thing you've ever done?
How many people have seen you naked?
Pick one of the following words and define it, without using a dictionary: moeurs, kedogenous, zenzizenzizenzic.
What annoys you?
Add a question that would you like to see in this application: (answer your question yourself, too!)

Show us at least two pictures of the beautiful you, you should include at least one picture of your bodyhair!
(a good free image hosting site than you dont have to sign up to is www.imageshack.us)

Here is our community banner:

Join HairyHumans

Feel free to put our banner in your journal, or any communities you think it might be welcomed in!